Computer Vision

A Tiny CNN Architecture for Medical Face Mask Detection for Resource-Constrained Endpoints

A model of just 138KB working at 30fps, is proposed for face-mask detection on ARM Cortex-M7 microcontroller clocked at 480 Mhz and having just 496 KB of framebuffer RAM. This technique is fast, reliable, safe and helps thwart the transmission of the coronavirus.

Recent Advances in Selective Image Encryption and its Indispensability due to COVID-19

This paper discusses how COVID-19 has changed the landscape of multimedia consumption and resulted in an imperative need for better and faster selective encryption techniques and presents a survey of the most recent advances.

Rethinking Generalization in American Sign Language Prediction for Edge Devices with Extremely Low Memory Footprint

A model of just 185KB is proposed for ASL prediction on ARM Cortex-M7 microcontroller, which works at 20 fps. Interpolation augmenation is shown to be effective for improving classification generalization.