An Adaptive-Selective Image Encryption with Orthogonal Polynomials, Chaos, LU decomposition and Square-wave Shuffling


Image encryption research has seen massive advances in recent times, but still many avenues of improvement remain nascent, like Regions of Interest (ROI) encryption, high-speed encryption algorithms that are work in spatial, frequency as well as hybrid domains, and importantly, giving the user or deployment endpoint control over the level of encryption and speed, making it suitable for many real-world applications. This paper takes head on these research challenges, giving the user fine grained control over their encryption requirements, by proposing a domain-flexible and selective image encryption scheme based on genetic algorithm, non-linear chaotic map, square-wave diffusion and orthogonal polynomials transformation. Extensive experiments and analysis have been conducted to demonstrate the efficiency of the proposed work.

Aditya Jyoti Paul
Aditya Jyoti Paul
Technical Program Manager and CV/AI Researcher

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