A Selective Block Cipher Image Encryption Algorithm based on Otsu-automated Canny Edge Detection, 4-D Hyperchaotic System, Improved Logistic Map and Square Wave SFC


In the past few years, massive advances have been achieved in the field of selective image encryption, but some of the most imperative challenges like creating an efficient Region of Interest (ROI) based pixel selection strategy, or giving the user or deployment endpoint adaptive control over the encryption level yet remain unsolved.To meet all these requirements, the authors have proposed a new selective image encryption technique based on 4-D hyperchaos, improved 1-D Logistic map, and the square wave space filling curve (SFC). The proposed method is compared with some existing encryption techniques and it has been found to outperform the existing schemes.

Aditya Jyoti Paul
Aditya Jyoti Paul
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